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Osawa Enterprises was founded in 2000. Kimio Osawa, the Wagyu Master and the founder worked with the Japan Agriculture Co-operative for 7 years looking after Japanese farmers with a speciality in livestock. He is the leading Japanese beef expert in Australia and no other wholesaler supplier has such a wide range of Quality Wagyu.

Osawa Enterprises provides quality wagyu produced on our home turf in Australia. With an extensive range of wagyu, and 110 different Japanese beef cuts and production techniques, Osawa Enterprises is an undisputed leader of the local market.




Australian Business Number(ABN)    : 20 619 568 526


NSW Food Authority Licence No. 30443

Postal Address:  6B 1-21 Madeline St, Strathfield South, NSW 2136

(*Please do not visit us directly for purchasing meat as we are a meat wholesaler and retail products are not ready for sale unless they are pre-ordered)


Contact: 0433 018 845






Blue Mountain Wagyu

Blue Mountain Wagyu

Blue Mountain Wagyu strictly follows the real Japanese way of breeding and feeding. The business is headed up by two of the leading Japanese Wagyu farmers in Australia.With a strong focus on marbling scores, Blue Mountain Wagyu has a very unique flavour and tenderness compared to other branded Wagyu breeds.Their feed program has been designed to produce high mono unsaturated fatty acid in the beef which melts in your mouth. Proponents of a 600+ day strict Japanese style feeding cycle results in high quality and consistency.

 Osawa Enterprises is the exclusive dealer of Blue Mountain Wagyu


Mayura Station

Mayura Station

First established in 1845 Mayura Station is located on the Limestone coast of South Australia, one of the premier grazing regions of Australia. Mayura is focused on producing full-blood Wagyu (100% Wagyu) cattle to produce beef with the ultimate WOW factor.Mayura’s operation is vertically integrated incorporating a large Full blood Wagyu herd, grain & fodder production, export accredited grain-feeding facilities and beef wholesaling.Their beef has a incredibly tender and juicy with a rich nutty buttery flavour with a delicate balance between the beef and the marbling characteristics.




Cabassi & Co

Cabassi Wagyu is one of a few full blood wagyu brands feeding cattle for over 600 days. It has very strong flavour compared with most of Australian wagyu beef.Their beef comes from the best 100% full blood wagyu cattle. No use of antibiotics or hormones and a secret feed program ensure a gold standard beef quality.At the moment there are 1,400 head on feed at Maydan feedlot in Warwick Queensland.




Sher Wagyu

Nick and Vicki Sher’s passion is to produce delicious, tender, juicy Wagyu beef with a superb and distinctive flavour.Their product is the culmination of 23 years of breeding and feeding Wagyu cattle. They have combined the finest Wagyu bloodlines with a carefully managed “conception to consumer” beef operation based at Ballan, central Victoria and Tallangatta Valley, North East Victoria.Sher Wagyu run both full blood Wagyu and Wagyu cross cattle. Their full blood Wagyu herd is DNA registered with pedigrees on both sides traceable back to Japanese ancestors.The Wagyu F1 herd is Wagyu x Holstein, the traditional Japanese F1. The Shers were the first breeders in Australia to produce Wagyu X Holstein.Higher grade Wagyu cross cattle: F2 (75%), F3 (88%) and Prebred (94%) are also produced.

Cattle are grazed on pastures on their Victorian farms to 20 months of age, and then finished for 400+ days on a speciality formulated Japanese-style barley-based ration.

The full blood cattle are finished for 500+ days. This is a slow-growth ration to ensure optimum health of the cattle and beef of the most consistent quality & delicious flavour. Cattle are HPG (Hormone) free and the ration is all natural, free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

Sher Wagyu has been a finalist & medalist for 5 years running at the national delicious produce awards.





Stockyard feeds wagyu cattle from high quality wagyu genetics at its award winning feedlot Kerwee, situated on the Darling Downs near Oakey.Feeder cattle are feed for a minimum of 400 days on a balanced high energy grain ration formulated by our Wagyu nutritionalist. The ration contains a mix of steam flaked grains, molasses, silage and essential vitamins and minerals.Stockyard processes its Wagyu through a modern export facility in Warwick, where carcasses are graded according to meat quality, including marbling.Stockyard awgyu is renowned for its smooth, silky flavours, tenderness, juiciness and will exceed your taste expectations.